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“Would You Like A Carbon Copy Of My
$7,344,157.97 Super-Funnel?

Plus, My Back End Campaigns, Automations, Email Promotions
& Traffic Sources I Use To Promote This Super-Funnel?

Would you like AN EXACT COPY OF MY

I Will Even Co-Brand It With You, So You’re Building A Name For Yourself While You’re Scaling Your Income With My $6,697.86/Day Super-funnel! Plus, Apply Before The Deadline And Get...


I won’t be blowing a lid off an industry secret if I told you the vast majority of prospects don’t part with their hard earned dollars the first time you pitch them. Most require dozens of follow up attempts. One of the secret weapons of my $7,334,157.97 super-funnel is an optimized automated email follow up sequence that relentlessly makes attempts to convert email prospects into paying customers by making 2nd chance offers and cross-pitches all while I sit back and do nothing.


People talk about making a passive income from the internet like it’s some kind of voodoo magic. I guess it can seem that way to the uninitiated internet marketers who don’t yet know that passive income stems from smart use of web automations within your sales funnel. My $6,697.86/day super-funnel is loaded with all sorts of clever automations ranging from simple list segmentation to elegant live webinar simulations. These are a must-have for creating passive income and scalable growth.


As a super-funnel owner, your primary job becomes to drive traffic to the front of your new funnel. This is why I simply must teach you how to drive traffic to help you become successful with my super-funnel. I will show you the 2 traffic strategies I use, plus give you a rolodex chock full of automated traffic sources you can use starting today. WARNING: I don’t know how to drive and therefore don’t teach free traffic strategies. I created this super-funnel to be able to drive paid traffic and recoup my ad spend to reinvest into more traffic. It’s recommended you budget money on traffic if you would like to profit with my super-funnel or, if you plan to drive free traffic, don’t expect much help from me, because I am not good at it.


I run campaigns to my email list virtually every week where I promote affiliate offers to make easy passive commissions. The super-funnel builts me an email list of such high quality, that I’m able to pull unusually-high earnings per click of up to $59.24. If you would like to maximize your long-term profits, you should promote affiliate offers to your list too. To get you off to a good start, I’ll give you 7 of my top performing affiliate campaigns with full copy-me-guilt-free rights.


Plain and simple, I will give you my complete email ammunition dump containing swipe file formulas, fill in the blanks, email templates, subject lines, email ideas and entire campaign blueprints. This way, you can promote anything to your new email list via email without guesswork or talent.


We’ll meet once a week to talk about traffic, email marketing and list building. You’ll be able to ask questions directly to me and hear the answers from “the man himself,” so to speak. I say it not to boast, but to remind you that many a guru tend to hard-sell their stuff overpromising support and coaching they never deliver. This is going to be different.



If there is a single most devastating problem that’s responsible for slaughtering affiliate marketing businesses in their wombs, it’s not being able to generate enough quality traffic. Super-funnel solves this problem once and for all by allowing you to convert the paid traffic you generate into subscribers and sales to recoup your ad costs fast.


An email list that opens, clicks and buys is what separates super-affiliates whose names you see on leaderboards and the affiliates whose names you don’t see on any leaderboards. My super-funnel was designed to help build an email list and nurture the list to create high response rates.


One of the things I’m most proud of is how I am able to buy ads and recoup my ad spend while growing my business thanks to my super-funnel. All I need to do then is to reinvest my profits back to keep scaling my income.


Did you know most people never get started building their funnel in spite of there being no shortage of information and software that is supposed to make building a sales funnel easy? Why? #1 most common reason is they’re afraid of screwing up their sales funnel. #2 most common reason is they don’t know where to even get started.


It takes just as much effort to promote a low-converting offer to your email list as it does a high-converting one, but the outcome could be totally different. Considering you’re investing resources into building your email list, offer selection is very important.


What exactly do your emails need to say to get people to open, read, click and buy? After over a decade of emailing my email lists several times a day, I boiled down successful email marketing campaigns to a precise formula.


The key to escaping the rat race is building a predictable system to acquire and convert leads. This is why list building continues to be the cornerstone of every successful internet marketing business today.


Unless you’ve got a funnel of your own, you can’t use lead banks and PPC networks to drive traffic. Why? Because most traffic networks don’t like affiliate marketers. Having a copy of my super-funnel allows you to start generating quality traffic where other affiliates simply can’t.

“Igor, How Does The Super-Funnel Interview Work?”

The interview is about 25-35 minutes long and it helps you and I achieve 3 important objectives.

First, very quickly it helps me find out if you’d be a pain in the ass client who’s going to make my life difficult or someone who’s super easy to work with, someone who is motivated, open minded, diligent and who can follow some basic instructions. To figure this out, you’ll just answer a couple of questions about your current situation, your goals (personal and professional) and your previous online experience.

Besides, the super-funnel has my name, face and identity all over it. There’s no way I’m letting just anyone use it!

Second, it helps you find out if what I got going on is a good fit for you. You’ll be able to ask questions about my super-funnel to understand whether or not you’d like to commit to using it over the course of the coming months or even years (I keep tweaking, making sure it continues to convert).

Third, if it’s a fit for you and me, and only if you’re excited to work together, you’ll find out more about how to get started, what to expect, what is the cost and how we will be moving forward together. If, however, for any reason, you’re not excited to work together, we’ll just part ways united in mutual respect.

Hand-on-heart promise there won’t be any “Wolf of Wall Street” hard-selling on the call. If at any point you feel you’re being hardsold - end the call. You will get your $100 refundable deposit back immediately.

GIFT FOR ATTENDING THE INTERVIEW: if for any reason this ain’t a great fit, you’ll receive a link to a quick-start offer selection video guide I created that contains specific instructions how to select high-converting affiliate offers + shows the 3 offers that are making the most money right now as an affiliate. This is my way of saying thanks for “wasting your time.” Sounds fair enough?


While I’m not going to reveal the fee upfront, here’s what I can tell you 3 things about the cost of owning a carbon copy of my $7,334,157.97 super-funnel.


This is not one of those bright shiny objects that claims to cure cancer for $27 - getting a copy of my $7,334,157.97 funnel comes at a premium price, because it’s worth it. This funnel has already made me more than seven million dollars and it continues to make me $6,697.86 per day while growing my email list on autopilot. Think about it like owning a McDonalds, Burger King or a Wendy’s franchise to piggyback on their proven business, minus the burcoracy, scrutiny and unreasonable $1,000,000 franchising fee.


I priced it at a fraction of what it cost me to build this $6,697.86/day funnel - between copywriting fees, web development, staff and traffic tests alone I invested well over $2,000,000.00 into developing this funnel. It also costs me nearly $10,000 per month to maintain. I promise this will not cost you anywhere near as much. In fact, I priced it within reach for an average person.


There are different packages to fit different budgets - I created several levels on which you can participate in this pilot program from basic to premium. This way, you can select the membership that fits your budget and your ambition, even if you’re limited on funds right now.


What Do I Look For In a Funnel Licensee?

If you’re a drama queen with an entitlement attitude or if you’re looking for a Hail Mary Jackpot to save you from bankruptcy by this time next week, we won’t get along. I suggest you sink your teeth into another shiny object.

If, however, you’re an open-minded hard-working person who just hadn’t found the right system yet, I am pretty sure I can help you escape information overload, get you off the shiny object wagon and help you build a wildly profitable email list without losing money like I did for my many successful clients...

"In my first year working with Igor I made $200,000 and bought my 1st Maserati. Thank you Igor for changing my life!"

- Juan Morales

"Thanks to Igor’s help I was able to walk away from my construction job and put together a down payment on a brand new family home"

- KJ Mayes

"Igor showed me how to have a real lifestyle business that’s making money even when I’m away. I was flying to Europe to visit my family. I had to switch planes in Paris and had a few hours to kill. I decided to check my earnings and low and behold - I made $600 while watching movies on the plane. Thank you, Igor!"

- Otilia Simeon

"The biggest mistake I made was to pass on your coaching offer. It would saved me another year of struggling. In the last 30 days I’ve made $100,000+ and growing. I couldn’t be happier"

- David Dekel

"In just a couple of months of working with Igor I’ve built a list of 7,000 email subscribers and an income of $8,000 per month"

- Lenin Govea

"Igor changed my life. He helped me launch my 1st product and build a responsive email list. I’ve also built a thriving coaching business of my own helping people!"

- Chrisi Darrington

"When I started with Igor I was working for AT&T struggling to keep up on my mortgage. Now I’ve paid off my home in full, walked away from this soul-crushing job and traveled 12 countries in 12 months!"

- Justin Tillman

"I’ve tried several coaching programs before Igor’s. Often the so-called coaches couldn’t find the time to do the coaching or would just pass me off to someone else on their team. Igor actually took the time to help me. Now I work out of my kid’s playroom!"

- Paul Dunstan

"I’ve had one coaching call with Igor and made $13,000 in the next 24 hours. Igor’s the real deal. He will change your life."

- James Francis

"I’ve almost given up. I was stuck and not sure what to do. When I started with you, Igor, you told me exactly how to launch my own product. It went so well, I’ve won the product of the day award and that alone brought in 1,000 sales in just 72 hours. Amazing!"

- Nelio Dos Reis

"I knew I needed to build a list but didn’t know how. I joined Igor’s inner circle and he showed me how to build a list quickly while making money at the same time. 4 months later I’ve had a list of 15,000 people and a nice side income that paid for our first family vacation to France!"

- Liviu Ung

Income claims are not a guarantee of results.
Success in any undertaking comes as a result of hard work and persistence.
Most people who buy coaching programs and courses about making money don’t achieve anything.

No Commitment. No Pressure.

Remember, neither you nor I are committing to anything by scheduling time to talk. Both of us reserve the right to reject the opportunity of working together. I reserve the right to reject your candidacy if I don’t feel if I can help you or if I don’t feel you’ll be easy to work with. You have the right to reject me as a potential guide and mentor into the confusing world of online marketing for any personal or professional reason of your own. No commitment. No pressure.

Caution! Super-Funnel Licenses Are Strictly Limited

There’s a strict limit to the number of licenses I’m sharing to 7,344,157.97 super-funnel, because I don’t want it to get saturated. Then we all lose.

Think about it this way. Imagine walking down the street full of restaurants. There are steakhouses, bistros, coffee shops, pizzerias, burger joints and more. Something for everyone. This way -- everyone gets to share the pie.

On the other hand, imagine the same street, only this time, there’s no diversity. There’s only one type of restaurant -- pizzerias. Worse… there’s only one brand of pizzeria - Papa John’s. Will anyone prophit this way? No. Why? Because they’re all selling the same thing to the same people.

That’s why there’s a strict limit of licenses I can share. And that’s why I am offering them by application only.

Igor, But Why Share Your Golden Goose?

Because I’ve been teaching people how to build sales funnels, build email lists, drive traffic, promote offers and use automation to build a lifestyle online business for over a decade. And I learned two things:

You absolutely must have a high-converting sales funnel to break it in this industry
Most people are not willing to go through the hard work required to build and optimize a sales funnel that converts

That’s why I’ve put together this unique offer for people who want a shortcut to owning a highly-profitable super-funnel for themselves, but who aren’t willing to actually build one from scratch.

This is a lot like getting a McDonalds or Starbucks franchise to ride their proven product line, brand power, systems and demand… but without paying a million dollars.

Automated Sales Funnel Is Key To Lifestyle Freedom

Unlike gurus who lie through their teeth when they claim they live the 4-hour week while secretly hustling 80 hours a week, I work only 6 hours a day 5 days a week.

During the pandemic I’ve had to cut down on working hours even more, because I decided to homeschool my kids. Between managing my super-funnel (and a couple of mentoring programs), my kids, my romantic life (no one cancelled date night, right?) and my fitness -- there is only so much room for new people in my life.

That’s why I’m highly protective of who I let play in my sandbox. If you’d like to get into my inner circle, please hurry to submit your application now. But please know I can only let so many people, so if your application is rejected - no hard feelings, ok?


"Igor has achieved the highest conversion rate out of any person who has ever promoted our program. He is truly a phenomenal list-builder."

CEO, "Morrison Publishing LLC" Anthony Morrison

"Igor has helped me make hundreds of thousands of dollars through his advice over the years."

Super-Affiliate, 8-Figure Earner John Crestani

"Igor's coaching has helped me go full-time online and put a deposit for a new home."

Affiliate Marketer KJ Mayes

"Igor is the real deal. If you get a chance to work with him - take it!"

New York Times Best-Selling Author Ron Douglas

"I've never seen anything like Igor's list before. He's a List Building Ninja!"

Founder, "7-Figure Franchise" Michael Cheney

"Igor is one of my greatest mentors when it comes to traffic and lead generation online."

Super-Affiliate Paulo Barroso

"Without Igor, I wouldn't be making money online today."

Super-Affiliate Miles Segers

"If you're looking to grow your online business, no one's better than Igor to help you do that."

"Success Simplifier" Tom Beal

"My life has really become great ever since coming across Igor."

Super-Affiliate Major Lance Sumner