"I Will Build You A 10,000 Person Email List While You Sit Back And Do Nothing"

"One-of-a-Kind Opportunity To Earn While You Learn For 12 Marketers Who Are Aggravated Over Not Seeing Results After Years Of Online Experience"


You've Been Trying To Build An Email List On Your Own, But Can’t Figure It Out

There doesn’t seem to be a shortage of information, coaching and tools for beginner list builders like you, but it still seems nearly impossible to build an email list to you? When all else fails, the only way you can finally experience breakthrough is letting world’s #1 list builder build your first email list for you and coach you to monetize it immediately. This way, you just can’t fail.

You're Suffering From The Shiny Object Syndrome

You're hoarding information but you’re lacking implementation. You can’t see how to put anything you’ve learned into practice to finally see tangible results with your list building. Simply put - you’re overwhelmed with information. You don’t need more information. You need to stop being told what to do and instead have someone do it for you, because you will never get started on your own.

You Can’t Afford More Mistakes

You’ve already exhausted your leeway and you’re skating on thin ice. You need an absolutely guaranteed-to-work process in place before you invest another dime into building your email list. You recognize the value of handing over the reigns of control to the most experienced list builder in the world to minimize chances of failure and maximizing possibility of fast success.

You’re Too Busy Making a Living To Build an Email List

Let’s face it, the #1 reason more people aren’t getting rich is because they’re too busy making a living. That’s the crux of modern living. You have to pay your bills first, and if you’ve got money and time left over, you can think of building an email list that’s going to make you rich. I say let’s flip the table on common-sense living. You pay your bills and in the meantime, let me build your email list!

You Get Sick Thinking About Capture Pages, Sales Funnels & Autoresponders

You love driving a car, because you can get places faster and comfortably, but you don’t want to know how to build one. When you want to buy a car, you get one from the dealer, who puts the car together at the factory and just hands over the keys. So why are you supposed to build your own sales funnels, capture pages and autoresponders?

You Feel You Aren’t Qualified To Build Your Email List Correctly

Just like you wouldn’t attempt to represent yourself in court against an experienced and determined prosecutor, but hire a qualified attorney to protect you, you wouldn’t dare attempt screwing up building your first email list because you don’t know what the heck you’re doing, right? The stakes are just too high...

You Don’t Know How To Monetize Your Email List

Generating email subscribers is only half the problem. Making money with these subscribers is a whole other story. You need to see a return fast, otherwise, you can’t scale.

You Don’t Want Another Job

What’s the point of working towards firing your boss, if you’re trading one job for another, just as time consuming and tedious? People who enjoy the 4-hour work week lifestyle are great at building systems that do the work for them. If you can’t afford the time to build a system like that on your own, I can help.

You’re On The Clock

There’s no sugarcoating this. You’re running out of time. You know you should have started sooner, but you didn’t and it is what it is. Now you need to double-down on building a big responsive email list and you need the fastest way to get there.

You Don’t Know What Traffic Source To Use To Build Your Email List

You could get everything else right, but still fail at building a large responsive email list if you’re being fed low quality traffic. You need help from someone who knows where to get quality leads fast without going broke in the process.

You Don’t Know What Offers To Promote To Be Profitable With Your Email List

Sometimes you can burn through thousands of dollars in testing before you discover the offer you’re promoting is a dud. Let me save you a lot of money, by showing what offers I promote for maximum ROI on my list building campaigns.

You’ve Had a Bad Experience With List Building And You’re Afraid To Try Again

What’s the point in trying to build an email list if you tried it before and it didn’t work? You can’t tell why it didn’t work. You can’t tell if you did it wrong. You don’t know if you chose the traffic and offers. But you know you don’t want to fail again, because you don’t want to waste time, money and because your friends and family never miss an opportunity to poke at your failures.

You Want To Make Money With Marketing, But You Don’t Want To Learn To Become a “Marketer”

There’s a difference between working smart to leverage the internet and taking on an identity of an internet marketer. You don’t have to be a motorhead to enjoy a scenic drive along the coast line. You would like to build a big email list, but you don’t want to sacrifice your identity to become someone you’re not.

You Need To Start Making Money While Your Email List Grows

In an ideal world, you’d have an unlimited list building budget. But we don’t live in an ideal world. In the real world, your budget is limited and unless you’re replenishing all of it (or at least some of it) from your email profits, you can’t keep at it for long. You need to earn while you learn.

You Are Afraid Of Being Scammed With Fake & Low Quality Traffic

The tricky part about fake traffic is that it looks like real traffic. An untrained list builder can’t tell if they’re getting the real deal or not. This can cost you a lot of money. You want someone experienced on your team to protect you from this highly-common issue and who is better to do it than world’s #1 list building expert?


Step 1


Your email list starts with a high-converting sales funnel. It's the trickiest part of all when it comes to starting to build an email list. If you never built a funnel before, it may be the single biggest obstacle to your list building success. Let Igor put his world class marketing skillset to work for you.

Step 2


Your email autoresponder is responsible for automatically sending out email marketing messages to the prospects who opt-in to your email list through your list building funnel. Most of your sales will come from your email follow up, so this is critical to get done right.

Step 3


What you say in your emails matters a lot. What you say in the first 7 emails you send to your list is even more important. You can't afford to screw this up.

Step 4


Your new sales funnel is the vehicle that's going to take you to freedom. Traffic is the fuel for your vehicle. The wrong fuel will blow the engine. The right fuel will put you on the fast track to success. This is where the most ambiguity and unknowns are that hinder beginner's chances to build a profitable email list.

Step 5


When they say the money is in the list, they mean the money is in emailing your list every day with offers. What you write, how you write it, when you write it - matters. But you're not required to be a writer to make money from writing emails... when you use Igor's proven templates, swipe files, ideas, daily email plans and more!



The faster you can have a big email list, the faster you start seeing big profits. The difference is - how fast can you build your email list?


Did you know most list builders never get started? #1 most common reason is they’re afraid of screwing up their sales funnel. #2 most common reason is they don’t know where to get started.


It takes just as much effort to promote a low-converting offer to your email list as it does a high-converting one, but the outcome could be totally different. Considering you’re investing resources into building your email list, offer selection is very important.


Are you the kind of person who loves to know what to expect or are you comfortable with taking a leap of faith into the unknown?


When you generate leads from two (or more) different traffic sources, how do you know which one is producing quality leads that are converting to sales and which one’s delivering duds? How do you know what to cut and what to scale?


What exactly do your emails need to say to get people to open, read, click and buy? After over a decade of emailing my email lists several times a day, I boiled down successful email marketing campaigns to a precise formula.


Load your emails for the week and head out to the lake, the beach or hop on a plain. Whatever your idea of a perfect lifestyle, you can support it with an automated email marketing business.


The key to escaping the rat race is building a predictable system to acquire and convert leads. This is why list building continues to be the cornerstone of every successful internet marketing business today.


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What clients say about working with Igor

“I bought a lot of products and was really overwhelmed before I found Igor. I went from coach to coach trying out different methods. It cost me a lot of money. What I’ve experienced with Igor’s coaching, topped every other coach I worked with. I not only learned what to do, but what not to do, and that saved me a lot of time and money! I’m so grateful I got to start over. My husband still doesn’t believe this is working saying it’s all a scam.”
JP Bailey
Sacramento, California
“I chased internet fads, but things change so fast online, sometimes I would buy a $500 piece of software and by the time I figured out how to use it - it was already outdated! I don’t have to clean houses for extra money anymore. Working with Igor has been lifechanging. Last month me and my partner Robby deposited $21,727 into our bank account with our list building business.”
Chrisi Darrington
Redding, California
“I own a Fresno’s franchise. You have to sell a lot of $8 sandwiches to make money. Igor taught me how to get paid hundreds of dollars at a time from home. Igor taught me how to build an online business in an ethical way with customers who respect me.”
Louis Martel
Quebec, Canada
“I wanted to make money online so badly, to stay home and care for my parents, I got myself in trouble. I got scammed for $22,000. My mind and body took a hit and I got ill. Took me a year to pull myself together. I was determined to achieve my goal, so I kept on buying too many courses. Igor was the first to finally show me how to make a good income I can be proud of. There’s no limit to where I can scale this. I even have a savings account now!”
Rhia Taylor
Chicago, Illinois
“I feel like my story is pretty common. But I really wanted others to know that if you let Igor take you under his wing, things changed in a big way. I am a diesel mechanic by trade, so I’m not really smart on the computer or whatever, but I had a desire to quit my job and learn a new skillset. This is where I think I was lacking. I’ve spent a ton of money on coaching and courses that didn’t work, didn’t have any support and all that.

I was super skeptical of doing it again. But when I spoke to Igor, I felt he was genuine and he really wanted to help. When I felt there was a coach and a team behind me, everything changed for me and I started making 5-figures per month. We all know that entrepreneurship has its ups and downs and sometimes it can be hard. People think it’s a one-click, but it’s not and I know that now. It’s so difficult sometimes to keep pushing forward. Without you and your group to be there to support me - I wouldn’t be where I am today.”
Troy Paul
Rockhampton, Queensland
“To be successful in business, you need to move with the times. This means learning at the feet of people who are at the top of their game. Igor’s the top traffic guy. We learned more in 90 minutes with Igor than in the previous 9 years! Igor will teach you everything you need to know!”
Roy and Julie Derrick
Coychurch, UK
“Igor, before meeting you and joining your coaching program I was working IT in a New York firm. IT is boring and I wanted to get out, but nothing out there paid as well as IT did. I tried internet marketing for 8 months and I made $5 (by singing up for my own link!). With your coaching, I started making $3,000 a month in about 3 months. To anyone thinking of working with Igor, he really helps you succeed and he’s an amazing coach.”
Tomer & April Algarbly
Herzliya, Israel
“I’ve been trying to make money online for about 5 years and made only a few hundred bucks. Nothing I could eat from. Nothing I could pay rent with or live from. I was driving traffic to affiliate offers and I made a total of maybe a thousand bucks in 5 years but I put in way more! I quit internet marketing for about a year and a half but then I found your coaching. I like to research things before joining and I looked everywhere and couldn’t find a bad word about Igor.

Everyone said Igor helped them make money online. I found one bad comment, but later that same guy came back and apologized. I didn’t start making money right away. Actually, other people who joined around the same time I did started making money before I did. But what matters is now I’m making $1,000 a week selling solo ads! I wake up and I see payments every day. People are hitting me up wanting to send me money. People work hard in a job to get $1,000 a week, but I don’t work so hard. Plus, I am keeping my day job, so it’s all just extra money for me!”
Maurice Hamilton
Dallas, Texas
“I spent a lot of time letting the little things put me down. I was always thinking of all the money I would be leaving on the table if I didn’t get it perfect. Igor showed me what to do and explained how to do an imperfectly. I was able to finally start making money. Now I’m making $1,500 a month with my online business. I still think about the money I may be leaving on the table, but I am also making money. By my rough estimate I could add another $1,500 per month to my income if I tweaked some of the things Igor told me to tweak.”
Marjorie Salada
Orlando, Florida
“Thanks to Igor I’m running my business from my kids’ playroom. That’s what this business is all about for me - being able to make money in your spare time, at home, rather than doing the daily grind everyone else has to do. I tried to make money online for a couple of years unsuccessfully, and then I came across Igor. I was actually buying a solo ad from him and he managed to cross-sell me!

I was cagey at first, because I’ve tried other coaches and they never found the time to do the coaching. Each webinar was a pitch for something else and if I emailed them with a question, I was given a toilet plate response. It seemed to me like a way to get more money out of me rather than help me build a business. This was different with Igor. He really makes the time to help his students.”
Paul Dunstan
London, United Kingdom
“Before finding Igor I was one of those people who spent thousands of dollars on things that didn’t work. 3 months after starting with Igor I made my first 1,000 month. This is my 5th month and I made $3,915.24. I expect my income to keep growing month to month!”
Monica Butaran
New Zealand
“I haven’t had success online for 5 years. That’s when I decided to find and stick to a coach to help me be successful. I joined Igor’s coaching program. I have to be honest, I struggled to get through the first stage, but I was able to myself through it.

Less than 2 months later I’ve had my first $190 day. And shortly after my first $280 day. I was so happy, I was bouncing off the walls! It’s been just a few months since I joined and in the last 5 days alone I netted $1,000. I’ve been constantly making $200 a day for the last 5 days. Its only going to get better than that, because this business has huge potential.”
Nick Stoicof
Denver, Colorado
“It’s been 7 days since I launched my solo ads business and I already made $1,550. I got two orders going out today. And I’m also working on a 20,000 click order. It’s all thanks to Igor. I highly recommend working with Igor. His process works.”
Neil Twa
Tulsa, Oklahoma
“Before meeting Igor, I was doing affiliate marketing for 3 years. It was very unstable. I would promote a program and it would stop converting after a short time. Igor took me by the hand and showed me a different formula to make money. This time, I was able to scale up and create a stable business. I got off the hamster wheel and now I live in Thailand with my family.”
Moshe Lugasi
Chiang Mai, Thailand
“I wanted for my kids to have a better childhood than I had. I felt there is plenty of money on the internet and I could find that piece of cake for me. I did a little blogging, CPA marketing, SEO. I had some success but very little. I even made my first dollar online. About a year ago I realized building an email list is the way to go. I started researching list building and stumbled on your posts online. I started to follow you. Solo ads were very appealing to me. Things truly changed for me when I joined your coaching.

My biggest challenge was to take action. In your program I no longer felt alone, so I started to take action. When I achieved my first $200 day that was WHOAH! I’m a little shy of hitting my goal of making $3,000 because I am still working my full-time job as a radio DJ and have a party-host business, so I’m giving my solo ad business very little time. But once I quit my job in 30 days, I’ll have more time and I’m sure I’ll nail my goal.”
Liviu Ungureanu
Chisinau, Moldova
“I started out trying to make money offline with MLM called Omnilife. I was told the only thing I needed to do was to talk to 5 people and they only have to talk to 5 people each and that’s pretty much how I was going to get rich. But it never happened. I lost some friends and it was tough for me to talk to people. I went online looking for solutions. I joined tons of lists. I bought different lead generation programs like Magnetic Sponsoring and MLSP.

I learned about solo ads through Russell Brunson. That’s how I eventually found Igor and inquired about his coaching program. He sent me a link to fill out a form and then we hopped on a call for 20 minutes. Now my net monthly income is roughly $30,000 per month. My net profit is around $20,000 per month. I went on to set up additional income streams on top of solo ads and I could’ve have done it without Igor!”
Lenin Govea
Guayaquil, Ecuador
“I don’t do testimonials much at all. But I really wanted to make one. Thank you for being there for me. There are a ton of mentoring programs out there, but you’re the only one who actually followed through. As you know, I’m a full time mom with 3 kids and I got an offline business, that keeps me very busy.

I wanted to add an additional income stream on the internet. Something that’s easy to set up and won’t take a lot of my time. I am happy to report that after just a couple of months of your mentoring, I have added an additional income stream of over $3,000 per month. What’s exciting, I have not even discussed using advanced strategies! I’m sure I will double my income with this strategy!”
Celeste N
“Igor, I really want to thank you. Just before I joined your mentoring, my employer hadn’t paid my salary and I was in trouble. It’s really hard to get a high paying job here, in Romania. I asked my mother to borrow me the money to start with your program. I’m now making $3,000 per month. This is amazing because the average salary in Romania is only $500!”
Andreea Asteefanoaie
Bucharest, Romania
“I recently sold my affiliate business and I had a little bit of capital and some credit, but no income and no plan about what I’m going to do next to support myself. Before meeting Igor I’ve had a little bit of experience, but nothing that would stick. Deciding to mentor with Igor was literally one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made in my life.

After 3 months I started making $8,000 per month. It’s been 6 months since I’ve known Igor and last month I cleared $15,000 in profit. Not revenue. PROFIT. I just listened to exactly what he said and do what he says.”
Justin Spencer
Phoenix, AZ
“When I started with this coaching program, I was down to my last couple of dollars. At that point I just gotten married, and I was trying SEO, social media, all sorts of crazy things… I kept failing to a point where I thought I was the one who was wrong, like there was a problem with me. When I spoke to Igor, he told me if I did what he said, I wouldn’t have to worry about money anymore. Just about making more.

Igor taught me so many principles I was missing and today I’ve already made $200,000 with Igor’s coaching program and at the same time I keep being hit up with new opportunities to make money. It’s been a crazy crazy ride. Thanks to feeling financially secure, I decided to start my own family and my son was born July 16th this year. What Igor said came true. I don’t worry about money anymore and I’m always thinking of new ways to make more!”
Juan Morales
Panama City, Panama
"Matthew took a hit during the 2008 real estate crash. He had gotten real close to filing bankruptcy chapter 7, but bailed himself out by negotiating a payment plan with me for coaching and building a solo ad business."
Matthew Barnett
London, UK
“I’ve known Igor for a few years, but I never worked with him. I got a surprise bill from the tax man and needed to make some money fast. I consulted with Igor on one phone call, he told me what I should do and I did it. I made $13,000 in the next 24 hours. Not “I closed $13K in sales and I’m getting it next month” but actual money in my pocket. I can’t imagine the kind of results I’m going to get down the road working with Igor if that’s what I made from just one call! If you’re thinking about getting coaching from anyone, go to Igor!”
James Francis
Mexico City, Mexico
"When Justin turned 24, his mother, a child speech therapist, got diagnosed with terminal cancer. He made a decision to work from home to spend more time with her. While he was trying to figure out internet marketing by trying out everything that didn’t work, the bank was getting impatient and soon Justin fell so much behind on mortgage payments that they were ready to foreclose.

He started looking for a job and found one with At&T, and in parallel started working with me. 1st month he made $3,000. 2nd month $7,000. 3rd month $15,000. He is now in total control of his future. He saved the house. Next, he took his girlfriend Benan to Turkey, where she’s from to meet the in-laws and spent a year jetting around Europe."
Justin Tillman
New York, NY
“After 90 days the exact earnings are $16,837.25. Year ago I was wondering in the darkness, in a fog. Following you, it all became clear, the fog went away and I just followed your instructions and the rest, as they say, is history. Thank you, Igor!”
David Dekel
Toronto, Canada


Igor’s an Amazon best-selling author of List Building Lifestyle: Confessions of an Email Millionaire. He is widely considered one of the best list building experts in the world.

Igor quickly risen to become the foremost authority on building large responsive email lists and promoting affiliate offers to those lists. He helped hundreds of people fire their boss, make a full time income online and travel the world.

Igor is known to be super-selective about people he chooses to mentor, because he can only mentor so many people at a time.

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