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World's leading list builder is looking to help 1,000 internet marketers to go from failure to success in list building in .

List Building Lifestyle Club Is For You If..

You Want To Live The 4-Hour Work Week As A Full-Time Online Marketer

You're frustrated because everyone around you is showing off their earnings and their success and you feel like you're the only one who's falling behind.

You're afraid it may not be possible for you to succeed because you're not smart enough, not rich enough or not young enough. Yet you can't imagine going back to a 9 to 5 lifestyle.

You're Tired Of Living Paycheck To Paycheck. You Don't Have Any Financial Runway In Your Life.

If you lose your job tomorrow, in 2 months you're going to be so behind your payments, you're going to have to sell your car just to pay rent on time. You want to have more runway. You want to have "f*** you" money.

You want to know that no matter what happens in your life, you'll be able to pay the bills for 6-12 months. You want safety and security for your family and you want to prove them wrong about this "online marketing" thing.

You've Been Trying To Figure Out How To Make Money Online With "List Building", But Can't Make Progress On Your Own.

You're suffering from the shiny object syndrome - You're overwhelmed with information, but you lack implementation. Because you don't know how to put what you learned into practice, eventually all you're doing is spending more money than you're making.

You've tried getting mentoring but it's either incompetent or costs thousands of dollars, and you're certain you'll continue struggling on your own for years unless you get help from someone who "walks the talk".

"Igor possess great marketing skillsets."

- Robert Kiyosaki Best-Selling Author, "RICH DAD POOR DAD"

"I've known Igor for years, very few people understand list building at the level he does."

- Kameron George 9-Figure Earner

"Igor is one of the few guys who has stood the test of time in this industry. To me, that says a lot about the value he adds and I always feel good sending my customers and students his way to get done for you traffic and traffic training."

- David Sharpe Founder, "Legendary Marketer"

"Make money online is not an easy market to consistently make money in the way Igor does. If you want to learn from someone how to make money in the make money online space, I can't recommend Igor enough."

- Ben Settle "Email Players"

"Igor's a master at what he does. If you're looking to grow your business, no one's better than Igor to help you do that."

- Tom Beal "Success Simplifier"

"Go on the internet and try to find more than 2 testimonials from me. There's one for Matt Bacak, one for Mike Filsaime and there's one for Igor. That says it all."

- John Cornetta Co-Founder, "Groovekart"

"Igor's a super big player. He doesn't make a big song and dance about it, but trust me, if you want big numbers - talk to Igor!"

- Michael Cheney Founder, "7-Figure Franchise"

"If you get a chance to work with Igor - take it. Study what he's doing."

- Richard Legg Super-Affiliate

"Igor's one of the brightest minds in his space."

- Keala Kanae CEO, "AWOL Academy"

"I've had nothing but good experiences with Igor... every time I refer a client to him I'm confident they'll get excellent service and attention, even if they are new to email advertising... and his List Building Lifestyle show is a tremendous resource all on its own!."

- John Lavenia Author, Speaker, International Trainer, 8-Figure Eearner

"I've worked with many coaches. Igor operates on another level."

- Paulo Barroso Super-Affiliate

"I recommend all my clients and customers to work with Igor. Igor goes above and beyond for his customers."

- Dean Holland Founder, "iPro Academy"

"Igor has quickly risen to become one of the greatest list builders I've ever met. If you want to dominate in email marketing he's the perfect edition to your team."

- Matt Bacak Founder, "EPC Academy"

"Igor is a machine. He's passionate about what he does. He's relentless and obsessed with success - and not only of his own, but of everyone around him - so that means YOU!"

- Craig Ballantyne Chief Editor, "Early To Rise"

"If you're interested in building a big quality list quickly, talk to Igor. He knows more about list building than anyone I know of."

- Devon Brown Success Renegade

"Getting coaching from Igor has been one of the best decisions I've made in my life."

- James Canzanella Affiliate Marketer

"The stuff he teaches works. Implementing Igor's advice in my business has dramatically increased my bottom line. Work with Igor, he will change your life."

- James Francis 8-Figure Earner

"He's an amazing coach. He taught me how to sell. I've already recouped my investment with him and we're just getting started."

- Justin Spencer Super-Affiliate

"I've started coaching with Igor when I was down to my last dollar. I just got married and I was just trying to get some success online. Today I've already made over $200,000 since starting with Igor. Thanks to the stability that came with my own business, I finally decided to start my own family. You should work with Igor. He can change your life."

- Juan Morales 8-Figure Earner

"I've worked closely with Igor for a couple of years. What always impressed me was how much he cares about his clients and the people he works with. He knows a heck of a lot and he holds nothing back from his students."

- Ross Bowring Direct Response Copywriter, Author, "Stripped Naked Sales Letters"

"I was making $100 per day working full time on my email list before I started working with Igor. Igor taught me how to take it to $400 per day while taking 2 months off to travel around the United States with little to no internet connection."

- Ed Newman Super-Affiliate

"If it wasn't for you, Igor, I wouldn't be making money online."

- Miles Segers Super-Affiliate

"Igor's a wise head on young shoulders. Igor's a perfectionist and a professional. He has been instrumental at helping us grow our organization."

- Alby Koster 8-Figure Earner

"The biggest mistake I made was not joining your coaching a year ago."

- David Dekel Founder, FunnelX

"My company just had a record breaking month thanks to working with Igor."

- Anthony Tilley 7-Figure Earner

"I've been referring clients to Igor for years. The reason he gets you results is because he cares about your success in an industry full of scam artists."

- Kevin Hokoana Founder, "iNfinii," "DSDomination"

"Cease every opportunity to work with Igor. He's one of the top guys in list building. I made $20,000 in one week working with him."

- Ron Douglas New York Times Best-Selling Author

"If you have a chance to JV with Igor Kheifets, man I say TAKE IT! He went all out to promote and generated some of the highest EPCs on record."

- Daniel Levis Direct Response Copywriter, Founder, "Email Alchemy"

"If you want to work with someone who knows their lists... and knows what offers work best with which lists... Igor is your man. I've worked with him on several offers and he knows his stuff."

- Doberman Dan "Doberman Dan Letter"

"Igor is the real deal. One of the most knowledgeable people in the list-building field. If you have the opportunity to learn from Igor, take it!"

- Jeff Gardner Marketing Consultant

"Igor's services are world-class. I can't recommend him highly enough!"

- Peter Wolfing Founder, "Easy1Up," "National Wealth Center"

"I've had a successful business before meeting Igor. But I've always struggled to break through the 3-figure per day barrier. I used to charge $750 an hour. After having one coaching session with Igor, I sold my first $2750 consulting package. The next sales call I asked for a $2,000 an hour. The client paid for 4 hours upfront."

- Charlie Hutchinson Marketing Consultant

"I've worked closely with Igor for a week to promote my high ticket program. By the end of the week, Igor has generated 47 new $1,997 customers for my program and $93,859 in sales. Igor has some of the most responsive traffic in the internet marketing niche."

- Brendan Mace Super-Affiliate, Founder "Project Profit Academy"

Here's What THE List Building Lifestyle Club Can Do For You

Live Hot-Seats & Ask-Me-Anything Sessions With Igor

Double or even quadruple your conversions practically overnight! Get your landing pages, sales pages, emails and even videos critiqued by Igor during live & exclusive List Building Lifestyle hot seats.

Get input directly from the list building maestro himself about any challenges you're facing right now. No more getting stuck, confused, overwhelmed or not knowing where to start.

Become A List Building Insider

Tap Igor's inner circle to discover your next $1,000,000 relationship or idea. Connect with people you'd otherwise would have never had an opportunity to connect with outside the club. Surround yourself with go-getters who will never condemn you or criticize you for who you want to become

End Shiny Object Syndrome

Whatever the challenge you're facing with your online business, someone else has already figured it out. Inside the List Building Lifestyle Club you'll find the people who are willing to share what works for them right now.

No more chasing shiny objects. Get answers to your specific questions when you need them all in one place. Don't settle for rehashed generic advice anymore!

Affordable Personal Mentoring

Proximity is power. The fastest way to earn more is to surround yourself with people who are making more than you. List Building Lifestyle Club offers you such opportunity without shelling out $25,000 a year.

The membership fee is low enough to be affordable for serious students and high enough to keep the people who pitch you on their MLM out


Try List Building Club Risk-Free For a Week

If You Don't Like It, Ask For Your Money Back No Questions Asked.

“Igor, Why Just $97 Per Month?”

Many of my marketing friends told me I'm undervaluing this opportunity by pricing it so low. They told me I shouldn't allow anyone inside who isn't willing to pay $2,500 a month at least! And you know what? Maybe they're right. But I refuse to do it! Why?

Because money was never the primary reason I created this exclusive community of like-minded list builders in the first place. I've created LBLC for the "newbie Igor" who struggled for years to get quality input, guidance and coaching at an affordable rate. It's my chance to reach back through time and lift the "old Igor" up from his knees. And along with him – to help you too – without charging you an arm and a leg for quality mentoring. So don't let the low price fool you. This is worth tens of thousands of dollars a year, if you're an action taker.

Question is – do you have what it takes to follow through?

“Yes, Igor! I Look Forward To Put An End To Information Overload. I'm Ready To Go From Collecting Information To Putting Knowledge Into Practice In A Safe Environment Where I'll Be Guided Every Step Of The Way By 6 And 7-Figure Earners!”


Become An Insider

Gain direct access to Igor and his inner circle of partners, advisors and collaborators

$1,000,000 Value
Simplify Your Success

Download the 6-step super-affiliate checklist Igor used to create 11 super-affiliate-paydays of anywhere from $17,750.80 through $74,400 in a single week

Peak Behind The Scenes Before Anyone Else

Get access to all present and future Igor's top-performing email campaigns, sales presentations and traffic sources

$1,997 Value
Discover Igor's Secret Traffic Source

Discover how to get 1,000 buyer leads a day for any offer, market or niche by streaming Igor's Traffic Academy home study course

$4,997 Value
Build Your Tribe

Access a never-publicly-released course showing how Igor built a religious following of people who buy anything he recommends

$30,000 ANNUALY Value
Get Personally Mentored By Igor

Attend the live mentoring calls and list building hot seats + access recordings of all past training sessions

$19,997 Value
Swipe Igor's Best Email Campaigns

Double your open rates and click throughs with Igor's "swipe & deploy" email swipe file containing 10 "fill in the blanks" emails you can use to promote any product in any niche. Plus, each swipe includes 2 subject line templates so you'll never struggle with writing marketing emails

RARE $1,997 Value
Bring (Almost) Any Dead Email List Back To Life

Bring your "dead" email list back to life using Igor's "pole-dancer sequence". Works on (almost) any list you may have given up on!

$9,997 Value
1-Click Install Done-For-You Affiliate Funnel

Use this complete sales funnel to grow your online business while you learn. Plus, I’ll even tell you where to get quality traffic to start scaling immediately!

$4,997 Value
301K Challenge

Learn how to go from 0 to $1,000 with affiliate marketing in just 30 days with Igor's paint-by-numbers quick-start training for beginners.

Try List Building Club Risk-Free For a Week

If You Don't Like It, Ask For Your Money Back No Questions Asked.

"Igor has achieved the highest conversion rate out of any person who has ever promoted our program. He is truly a phenomenal list-builder."

Anthony Morrison
CEO, "Morrison Publishing LLC"

"Igor has helped me make hundreds of thousands of dollars through his advice over the years."

John Crestani
Super-Affiliate, 8-Figure Earner

"Igor's coaching has helped me go full-time online and put a deposit for a new home."

KJ Mayes
Affiliate Marketer

"Igor is the real deal. If you get a chance to work with him - take it!"

Ron Douglas
New York Times Best-Selling Author

"I've never seen anything like Igor's list before. He's a List Building Ninja!"

Michael Cheney
Founder, "7-Figure Franchise"

"Igor is one of my greatest mentors when it comes to traffic and lead generation online."

Paulo Barroso

"Without Igor, I wouldn't be making money online today."

Miles Segers

"If you're looking to grow your online business, no one's better than Igor to help you do that."

Tom Beal
"Success Simplifier"

"My life has really become great ever since coming across Igor."

Major Lance Sumner


I'm just a beginner. Should I wait until I've got some experience online before joining the club?

No, you should not waste time on trying to figure out how to be successful on your own first.

Because I created this mastermind to help you speed up the journey from zero to success in internet marketing by surrounding you with world's top marketers who ​walk the talk​ every day, rather than trying to put the pieces to the puzzle on your own (and most likely failing like I had for years), I want to show you the fastest way to success there is.

Igor's #1 thing is building a list with solo ads. Is this club going to be more of the same?

This is a misconception. I'm most known for solo ads because that's how people usually find me. However, solo ads is only 1 out of 4 of my primary traffic sources and selling solo ads is just one out of 11 income streams in my business.

One of the first things you'll discover inside the List Building Lifestyle Club is my second most profitable traffic source I've been using this year to build a list of 6,884 people at a $121,552.58 in just 16 weeks.

I'll also show you how I've built a 12,398 email list using 100% free traffic while making $250K in the process.

I still haven't made up my mind if I want to be an email marketer. Is this for me?

If you're not sure if email marketing is for you, this mastermind is not the right fit for you.

If you're looking for social media marketing coaching or anything like that - you won't find value in this mastermind.

People who will get the most out of their membership in the LBLC are the people who want to build an email list, who want to discover how to turn their new email list into a 6-figure income and people who don't want to slave behind their computer for 10 hours a day driving social media leads.

I hate writing. The idea of making money with emails doesn't make sense to me. Should I still join?

I know it's going to sound shocking, but you don't need to be a great writer to make money with email.

In fact, inside the mastermind I'll show you a stupid-simple trick to write high-converting emails without ever touching the keyboard.

This method will cut down your writing time by at least 500% compared to how long it takes you to write an email right now. This is a trick used by all top email marketers but is never disclosed to the newbies outside the walls of private masterminds.

I'm busy with another mentoring program right now. I would like to come back at a later time. Will this opportunity be available in the future?

I don't know whether you'll recognize how this makes sense to you without knowing your specific situation, so I'll do my best answering this question with a broad scope of my knowledge and life experience. It would depend on the coaching program. If you're building an Amazon drop shipping business, you'd probably want to put this on the back burner for now.

If, however, your mentoring involves affiliate marketing, information marketing, MLM recruiting, offline business lead generation, agency marketing, product launches or even if you're building a Shopify Store/Brand - the secrets and connections you're going to discover inside LBLC are only going to help you get faster and greater results in your other mentoring program.

When you become a member, you'll quickly recognize how everything I'll teach you is applicable with most methods and strategies because list building is universally powerful add-on to (almost) any business.

Is there a money back guarantee?

You've got 7 days to decide whether List Building Lifestyle Club is for you. There are no refunds after 7 days.

What if I don't have an email list of my own?

Then I'll show you how I build email lists really fast on a limited budget.

I'll also show you how I'm turning my email subscribers into sales, so they fund my list building for me after the initial phase.

I'll even show you how I've built a 12,398 email list using 100% free traffic while making $250K in the process.

What if I'm already making 6-figures or more with my email list?

Then you realize how becoming a member is no-brainer to you, don't you?

If you're making 6-figures on your own, then just one secret or technique can propel you into multiple 6-figures. 2 or more techniques can bump you to 7-figures.

What if I don't have an email list of my own, do I still "belong" in the club?

Yes. We created the List Building Lifestyle Club in order to help "serial failures" to put what they learn to practice in their online business.

Proximity is power. By surrounding yourself with 6 and 7-figure list builders, you'll automatically rise up. In addition, you'll get access to proprietary blueprints, shortcuts, tools and trade secrets of some of the world's most respected internet marketers.

What if I've got a small unresponsive email list?

Let us show you how to immediately start bringing your email subscribers back from the dead.

Discover how to raise your open rates and bring back healthy CTR. Find out what to say to those who lost interest to reignite their desire to buy from you. And if it doesn't work for you... if all fails... then use Igor's quick-start list building system to build a huge profitable email list from scratch in the next 30 days.

What if I join and realize List Building Lifestyle Club isn't right for me?

No worries. You've got 7 full days to make up your mind whether or not List Building Lifestyle Club is the right place for you.

If you change your mind, just let us know within a week of joining and we'll refund your entry fee so you can be on your way to buy the next shiny object.

What's the cancellation policy?

Try out for 7 days. If you don't like it cancel and get your money back. If you cancel at any point after the 1st 7 days, you will not be reimbursed. No contract to sign. No fine print.

How can I make the most out of my membership?

You will be provided with the tools and the environment that foster success. The success won't happen for you, unless and until you execute.

If you were an aspiring Olympic athlete, think of the club as a community of world's top athletes whose mission is to help one another excel in their respected disciplines.

In addition, the community provides access to world's top experts in nutrition, strength, medical and mindset. More, being a member gives you access to the best training equipment, state of the art facilities and recovery technology. In short, List Building Lifestyle Club makes it easier for you to do more, get more, be more by putting you in an environment that supports your goals.

Who Is Igor?

Hi, I'm Igor Kheifets. I help people build wildly profitable email lists in record time.

10 years ago I started building my first email list from my bedroom. Since then I generated over 4,331,656 email opt in leads for myself and over 20 million leads for my clients.

I know a thing or two about turning email lists into a predictable source of income and I share what I know inside the walls of the List Building Lifestyle Club.

I'd love to share my wisdom with you so you too can enjoy the List Building Lifestyle.